Church Membership

If salvation is an identification with Christ, and we believe that it is, then church membership is an identification with a local body of believers in Christ's kingdom. We believe that church membership is about individual believers formally taking responsibility for one another and their Great Commission efforts as a local body.

There is a four-step process for everyone wishing to join Woodland Park:

Step 1: All potential members must trust in Christ Jesus alone for their salvation and be baptized by immersion as a believer. We desire all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, regardless of whether they seek membership at Woodland Park Baptist Church.

Step 2: All potential members must attend the Discover Membership class. Discover Membership introduces the foundational doctrines and the philosophy of ministry of Woodland Park Baptist Church. Discover Membership classes are held quarterly during the year.

Step 3: All potential members must meet with a pastor or elder to share their testimony and sign the Membership Covenant.

Step 4: All potential members must be affirmed by the General Council of Elders.