(Servant Approach Leadership Training)

Do you have a desire to sharpen yourself for ministry? Whether the Lord would have you serve in full-time vocational ministry or as a layperson, Servant Approach Leadership Training may be for you!

SALT (Servant Approach Leadership Training) is an intensive training program for men and women who desire to be spiritual leaders within the Church and beyond. It has been an integral part of leadership development at Woodland Park for more than three decades.

Over nine months, this program will focus on:
  • building biblical convictions,
  • a biblical approach to ministry,
  • Bible study methods,
  • and how to shape your own study of the Bible into a form that can be shared with others through a message or group discussion.

Space is limited to 12 participants, and we are currently accepting applications for this fall. Will you pray and ask the Lord if now is time for you to take the next step in your spiritual growth and development?

Classes will be offered: Sundays from 5:30PM - 7:30PM at Woodland Park Baptist Church beginning early fall (date TBA).  The priority deadline for consideration is August 15. For more information, email Ally Priddy, [email protected], or Eddie Rasnake, [email protected].
Read what past participants ranging from pastors, ministry leaders, and everyday followers of Christ have to say:
“SALT was absolutely incredible. I cannot express enough how EVERY believer should learn what this class can teach you. Thank you to Eddie and the entire teaching team for walking us through the course. It was a true blessing. ”
“I've been a Christian for a long time, but SALT has shown me that I often read scripture out of context, or simply just lacking the depth and intent that it was originally written in. It has given me the methodology and tools to mine scripture for the truth, and allowed me to study the Word in a whole new light. I highly recommend it!”

“Do you hunger and thirst for more understanding of God‘s Word? Do you want to see Christ in His Word? Do you sense the wooing of the Holy Spirit and leading from Him to have a deeper understanding of Him and His Word. Then SALT is what you are looking for! SALT for me has been all of this and more.”

“I’ve been wanting to go through the SALT course for years. Having been more than a few years since being in school (decades actually), getting back into homework assignments was a little difficult at first but I soon learned that all the time spent reading and researching the topics was worth the effort. Now I have been equipped with every tool to “expose” the Word of God for what it says AND to know what it DOESN’T say. I never thought I could confidently prepare to actually teach from the Word until now.”
“Many think SALT is only for the elite, but that’s not true. The classes helped me develop better skills for knowing what Scripture says on my own instead of depending on others. I think every believer should invest in their spiritual life by taking SALT.”
“SALT was an encouraging experience. We were challenged to dig deeper into the Word and were trained to examine Scripture in a way that would lead to developing our own biblical convictions.”